If you are reading these lines is that you are about to have or already have in your hands a Black and Coral piece. First of all let me thank you. And before you enjoy it let me tell you something about us...


Black and Coral represents the modern muse.

The story of our brand philosophy begins with two colors; and each one symbolizes our brand image:

BLACK: Elegance, power, mystery, the touch of brightness of a dark night.
CORAL: Red. Passion, love, emotions, the seduction codes.
They represent the two sides of every woman. Black, as the external side, embodies a strong personality, the determination and the achievement of success in personal and professional goals. Coral (red) is, on the other hand, the intimate side of a woman. It is known that the universe of emotions can not be controlled. So sometimes, womens’ passions are reflected in the red blush of their cheeks, generated by a look, a smile or a gesture.
When we match these concepts and properly mix them, we obtain a great cocktail:
Sophisticated. Feminine. Sensual."   



Haute couture made jewel.

The embroidery technique that we use to produce our jewels is very old and totally traditional. It has been popularized since the mid-18th century in France for the realization of military gallons and the decoration of high society costumes (in order to hide the seams and beautify the pieces). It is a highly appreciated technique in haute couture. It is also used in the decoration of traditional Spanish bullfighter's costume, as well as in Jewelry. 

This 100% handcrafted embroidery technique consists of giving invisible stitches to the laces that form the designs. Different crystals, pearls, precious and semi precious stones, etc. are usually added to beautify the product. This technique is an art, and in each of the pieces that are made the creativity of the author himself is embodied. In them he has invested a lot of time and effort, in addition to the precious materials (as is our case). Each piece is unique; there are not two identical. It is not an easy technique; its elaboration is a thorough work that requires a lot of skill, practice, and especially a lot of patience, as it usually takes days to complete each one.

To produce our jewelry we use a wide variety of high quality materials. The main ones: The most characteristic material of Black and Coral jewels are Swarovski crystals, also the Bohemian Crystal (Czech Republic). Semi precious stones. Freshwater and baroque pearls. Each of them is carefully selected one by one by expert hands during a long process of control to guarantee the quality of the jewels. Corals. Specifically, the Mediterranean Red Coral from the Italian region of Sardinia. These, together with the pearls, come from sustainable and regulated collection and cultivation practices to protect the biodiversity. Gold plated / 925 sterling silver. Rayon. Italian suede of excellent quality. Mainly treated through a process of vegetable tanning that respects the environment. Another point that gives added value is our jewelry cases, which are made entirely by hand in Italy with resistant and environmentally friendly materials that protect the pieces.

Due to the care with which our pieces are made in all phases of the production process: from design to final quality control, some jewelry requires more than 36 hours of manual work each. Therefore, our purpose is that our clients shine every day with each of our jewels.

Visual art project created by the experienced photographer Fernando Maselli.


Black and Coral is a Jewelry and accessories company, born in the heart of the Italian city of Milan, with the tag line "Handcrafted jewelry in Italy with Spanish Soul". The brand is focused on handcrafted artisan jewelry and accessories. Our products are the result of elaborated designs made with high quality materials together with the savoir-faire of Italian luxury. Each piece is unique. We create wearable art for the modern muse.

Founded in Milan in 2018 by Elena Trivino García-Franco, a young Spanish enterprising woman from Madrid, who is passionate about fashion, and specially about accessories. She is double graduated in Business Administration and Marketing, and specialized in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management.

The idea of converting her dreamed project into reality came from the need to create the distinctive, special earrings she had in mind and could not find elsewhere. She started by handcrafting her own designs as a hobby. Soon afterwards Black and Coral was born.

Black and Coral is a handcrafted jewelry brand made by women for women.

Elena Trivino García-Franco
Founder & CEO - CCO