Each Black and Coral jewel is precious and unique. Taking care of them will help you keep them in perfect condition over time and maintain the brightness, following some basic tips:

Our jewels are delicate pieces, so we recommend you to handle them with care.

Jewelry should be cleaned gently regularly with a suede cloth.

It is best to avoid contact with water. Take them off carefully before showering. Do not bathe in the pool with them on or take them to the beach. In these three cases, not only water can damage your jewelry, but also soap, chlorine and sea saltpetre, sand and prolonged intense sun exposure or sources of intense heat.

Avoid direct contact with perfumes, cosmetics and abrasive products (such as household cleaning, DIY and gardening).

We suggest you take off the pieces before doing certain physical activities such as sports or cooking. Apart from the aforementioned external agents, sweat and the Ph of the skin itself can alter the brightness of your pieces. It is recommended that you also take them off before going to sleep.

Jewelry can be scratched if they are in contact with each other without proper protection. We advise you to keep them individually in their original case. But also an optimal form of preservation is in an airtight jeweller with padded interior. Chains necklaces must be closed and placed flat to prevent knots from forming.

It is not advisable to leave and/or keep your jewelry in the bathroom. Contact with water moisture can alter them and make them lose their original shine more easily.

Black and Coral is not responsible for pieces that have been damaged due to incorrect use and/or improper preservation of the jewelry.