Our repair and maintenance jewelry service will be valued for each piece by means of an estimate individually specific to each case.


  1. Customer must notify by email sent to info@blackandcoral.com indicating the object [Repairs and Maintenance Service], the order number and the product. You must specify the damage to be repaired and a photo of the jewel (if possible). In approximately 1-2 days Black and Coral will contact you to proceed with the repair of the product, by making an initial budget (which can be modified by carefully evaluating the piece by expert hands in our atelier).
  2. The product must be sent assuming customer shipping costs with its original jewelry case protected to Black and Coral (C / Orense 29, 28020, Madrid). In case the package is not in perfect condition because the client has not taken the measures of protection of the same, the client will be notified by Black and Coral and the company will not be responsible for the expenses of the new shipment to the client. Formalized the process will proceed to repair the product.

For pieces that have less than 14 days since customer received the product, the repair and shipping costs will be free for the client.

Black and Coral is not responsible for:

lost or not received packets that have been sent by customer for repair.
pieces that have been damaged by customer due to incorrect use and/or improper preservation of the jewelry. Learn how to take care of your jewelry with some basic tips.